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The Best Way to Find Upsells and Prevent Cancellations


Mobile Feedback lets clubs seamlessly collect feedback from their members through their smartphones. Members have an opportunity to rate the club after each workout, providing valuable information to help operators identify which members to upsell and which members may be in danger of quitting. You'll be able to:

  • Collect MORE Feedback Seamlessly - Members provide feedback on their smartphone with just a few taps, unlike email surveys that look like spam and have a low response rate.
  • Discover Upsell Opportunities - Members consistently giving positive ratings can be targeted with additional products and services, like personal training.
  • Prevent Members from Quitting - Clubs can use negative feedback from members to take action and address concerns before they become cancellations.
  • Improve Quality of Service - Staff perform better when they are being rated. Operators can use feedback to prioritize goals and motivate staff to improve.